D. Tarrio, G. Badurek, E. Jericha, H. Leeb, H. Oberhummer, -. nTOF Collaboration:
"Neutron-induced fission cross section of natPb and 209Bi from threshold to 1 Ge V: An improved parametrization";
Physical Review C, 83 (2011), 044620; S. 1 - 9.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Neutron-induced fission cross sections for natPb and 209Bi were measured with a white-spectrum neutron source at the CERN Neutron Time-of-Flight (n_TOF) facility. The experiment, using neutrons from threshold up to 1 GeV, provides the first results for these nuclei above 200 MeV. The cross sections weremeasured relative to 235U and 238U in a dedicated fission chamber with parallel plate avalanche counter detectors. Results are compared with previous experimental data. Upgraded parametrizations of the cross sections are presented, from threshold energy up to 1 GeV. The proposed new sets of fitting parameters improve former results along the whole energy range.

Neutron-induced fission, Accelerator-driven transmutation of nuclear waste, Neutron sources, Fission reactors

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