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M. Guillaud, D. Gesbert:
"Interference Alignment In The Partially Connected K-User Mimo Interference Channel";
Talk: European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Barcelona, Spanien (invited); 08-29-2011 - 09-02-2011; in: "Proc. European Signal Processing Conference", (2011).

English abstract:
We consider interference alignment in the partially con-
nected K-user MIMO interference channel (IC). Conversely
to the fully-connected case, we show that interference
alignment can be achievable for an arbitrary number of users
K in the network, while the per-user signaling dimension
remains fixed, provided that the number of interference links
per user is bounded. For this class of channels, which we
denote by L-interfering K-user MIMO IC, we provide a
criterion applicable to symmetric systems for the system
of IA equations to be proper, according to the framework
introduced earlier by Yetis et al. Properness is a necessary
condition for IA to be feasible. Interestingly, this criterion
is independent from the number of users K. Furthermore,
we propose an iterative algorithm to solve the alignment
problem for this class of channels.

partially connected Interference Channel; Interference Alignment

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