W. Hummer, Ph. Leitner, S. Dustdar:
"SEPL-a domain-specific language and execution environment for protocols of stateful Web services";
Distributed and Parallel Databases, Volume 29 (2011), Number 4; S. 277 - 307.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In order to interact with stateful Web services, clients need to obtain infor-
mation about the intra-service protocol, which contains valid operation sequences and
the expected input-output transformation across invocations. While the community
has widely agreed on WSDL as the standard for functional service description (the
"static" service interface), there is still an evident lack of languages to describe the
dynamic, behavioral interface of services. In this paper we introduce SEPL (SErvice
Protocol Language), a domain-specific language (DSL) for defining executable intra-
service protocols. Notable features of the DSL include support for WS-Addressing
and simple creation of new Web service instances, synchronous and asynchronous
service invocation facilities and easy access to WSRF-style service resource proper-
ties. Service providers use SEPL to define the procedure that clients must adhere to in
order to achieve a certain higher-level functionality. Clients use the combined infor-
mation of the SEPL document and the WSDL definitions to execute an intra-service
protocol. We provide a graphical representation of SEPL the form of UML Activ-
ity Diagrams, and tools to generate executable code from these models. We further
present a solution to host and execute SEPL protocols in a server application based
on Web services technology.

Web services ∑ Intra-service protocol ∑ Stateful Web services ∑ Domain-specific language ∑ Service Protocol Language ∑ SEPL

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