Scientific Reports:

S. Dustdar, M. Treiber:
"A View Based Survey on Web services Registries";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-19, 2004; 34 pages.

English abstract:
Web services registries are a cornerstone for the emerging service-oriented
architecture and constitute a critical resource for Web services. Based on a case study
we systematically illustrate and evaluate current registries and compare different
approaches regarding their architectures and data models in the context of two views:
the human and machine (service) based views. The human view on Web services
registry architectures is illustrated with the help of a case study. The machine view on
Web services registry architectures is illustrated from a software-service point of
view. The data model of Web services registries is described in detail from a machine
based view. The corresponding human view is described from an abstract level.
Finally, the Web services publishing and discovery are compared from a human and a
machine based view.

Web services registries, Service-oriented Architecture, UDDI

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