Scientific Reports:

S. Dustdar, W. Schreiner:
"A Survey on Web Services Composition";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-15, 2004; 35 pages.

English abstract:
Due to their heterogeneous nature, which stems from the definition
of several XML-based standards to overcome platform and language dependence,
Web Services have become an emerging and promising technology to design
and build complex inter-enterprise business applications out of single
Web-based software components. To establish the existence of a global component
market in order to enforce extensive software reuse, service composition
experienced increasing interest in doing a lot of research effort. This paper discusses
the urgent need for service composition, required technologies to perform
service composition, presents several different composition strategies,
based on some currently existing composition platforms and frameworks representing
first implementations of state-of the-art technologies and gives an
outlook to essential future research work in the area of service composition.

Web Services, Coordination, Transaction, Context, Conversation Modeling, Service Execution, Quality of Service, Service Composition

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