Scientific Reports:

S. Dustdar, R. Gombotz, K. Baina:
"Web Services Interaction Mining";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-16, 2004; 27 pages.

English abstract:
As Web services play a more and more important role in information
technology, service-oriented systems can also be expected to grow larger in
complexity. Such large systems demand for tools that allow for analyzing and
monitoring of service-oriented systems in use. Our work attempts to apply data
mining and process mining to Web services and their interactions in order to provide
a means to analyze interactions between Web service consumer and provider. Firstly,
we clarify the term of Web Services Interaction Mining (WSIM) and present three
levels of abstraction on which WSIM could be performed: Web service operations,
interactions and workflows. Then we outline some of the problems Web Services
Interaction Mining (WSIM) could solve. Thirdly, we evaluate how WSIM could be
done on these three levels and present a specification for Web service log records. We
also discuss how these log records could be obtained using existing tools. We
conclude the paper with suggestions on how to develop Web services which can be
mined on all three levels of abstraction.

Web service interactions, Web service logging, Web service mining

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