Scientific Reports:

H. Truong, T. Fahringer, S. Dustdar:
"Dynamic Instrumentation, Performance Monitoring and Analysis of Grid Scientific Workflows";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-22, 2004; 29 pages.

English abstract:
While existing work concentrates on developing QoS models of business
workflows and Web services, few tools have been developed to support
the monitoring and performance analysis of scientific workflows in Grids.
This paper describes novel Grid services for dynamic instrumentation of
Grid-based applications, performance monitoring and analysis of Grid
scientific workflows. We describe a Grid service to support dynamic instrumentation
of Grid applications. The dynamic instrumentation service
provides a widely accessible interface for other services and users to conduct
the dynamic instrumentation of Grid applications during the runtime.
We introduce a Grid performance analysis service for Grid scientific workflows.
The analysis service utilizes various types of data including workflow
graphs, monitoring data of resources, execution status of activities, and
performance measurements obtained from the dynamic instrumentation of
invoked applications, and provides a rich set of functionalities and features
to support the online monitoring and performance analysis of scientific
workflows. We store workflows and their relevant information including
performance metrics, devise techniques to compare the performance of
constructs of different workflows, and support multi-workflow analysis.

dynamic instrumentation, Grid computing, Grid service, scientific workflows, performance monitoring and analysis

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