Scientific Reports:

I. Chebbi, S. Tata, S. Dustdar:
"The view-based approach to dynamic inter-organizational workflow cooperation";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-23, 2004; 36 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents a novel approach to inter-organizational
workflow cooperation. Our goal is to provide support for organizations
which are involved in a shared but not pre-modeled cooperative workflow
across organizational boundaries. Our approach allows for partial visibility
of workflows and their resources, thus providing powerful ways for
inter-organizational workflow configuration. Varying degrees of visibility
of workflows enable organizations to retain required levels of privacy and
security of internal workflows. Our presented view concept provides a
high degree of flexibility for participating organizations, since internal
structures of collaborative workflows may be adapted without changes
in the inter-organizational workflows. Furthermore, we provide workflow
participants with the freedom to change their workflows without changing
their roles in the cooperation. This increases flexibility and is an
important step to increase efficiency as well as reduction in costs for
inter-organizational workflows. The presented approach is inspired by the
Service-oriented Architecture (SOA). Accordingly, our approach consists
of three steps: workflow advertisement, workflow interconnection, and
workflow cooperation.

Inter-organizational Workflows, Cooperative Workflows.

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