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M. Hirschbichler:
"VoIP Monitoring - Reasons and Solutions for Automated VoIP Blackbox and Long-term Monitoring at the Telekom Austria Group";
Talk: SIPNOC: The SIP Network Operators Conference, Washington, USA; 04-25-2011 - 04-27-2011; in: "SIP Forum SIPNOC", (2011), 20 pages.

English abstract:
In this presentation, we present the reasons and advantages of blackbox longterm VoIP quality monitoring. By showing specific examples, we show the importance of both rapid alerting on the one hand and longterm-trend monitoring on the other. This session also describes the decentralized monitoring solution of the A1 Telekom Austria used to get as much "customer perspective" as possible.

German abstract:
In dieser Präsentation zeigen wir Gründe und Vorteile von Blackbox Longterm VoIP Qualitäts-Monitoring. Anhand von spezifischen Beispielen heben wir die Wichtigkeit von einerseit schnellem Alarmieren und andererseits von Langzeit Monitoring hervor. Diese Präsentation stellt ausserdem die dezentrale Monitoring Lösung der A1 Telekom Austria vor.

Monitoring, VoIP, Alerting, IMS, Blackbox

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