Scientific Reports:

H. Truong, T. Fahringer, F. Nerieri, S. Dustdar:
"Performance Metrics and Ontology for Describing Performance Data of Grid Workflows";
Report No. TUV-1841-2004-28, 2004; 11 pages.

English abstract:
To understand the performance of Grid workflows, performance analysis
tools have to select, measure and analyze various performance metrics of
the workflows. However, there is a lack of a comprehensive study of performance
metrics which can be used to evaluate the performance of a workflow
executed in the Grid. This paper presents performance metrics that performance
monitoring and analysis tools should provide during the evaluation
of the performance of Grid workflows. Performance metrics are associated
with many levels of abstraction. We introduce an ontology for describing
performance data of Grid workflows. We describe how the ontology can be
utilized for monitoring and analyzing the performance of Grid workflows.

workflow preformance metrics, grid computing

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