Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Jamek, E. Tschegg, O. Stamminger:
"Fracture-Mechanical Characterization of Parquet-Adhesive-Screed Systems";
Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 39 (2011), 3; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
Parquet-adhesives-screed-compounds are convenient systems when it comes to laying planks of wood on cementitious screeds indoors. Established testing methods for characterizing construction materials can be used to describe and evaluate these systems. This paper compares three different frequently used adhesives in terms of crack growth resistance and notch-tensile strength. The fracture-mechanical properties were determined by means of the wedge-splitting test. The results show that the wedge-splitting test shows the differences between these three adhesive systems much more clearly than the inter-laminar tensile test, as the latter is not accurate enough for characterizing material properties because of lacking information about the strain softening behavior and the fracture energy.

adhesive joints, flexible compounds, layered structures, fracture mechanics, interface

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