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F. Skopik, D. Schall, H. Psaier, M. Treiber, S. Dustdar:
"Towards Social Crowd Environments Using Service-Oriented Architectures";
it - Information Technology, Volume 53 (2011), No. 3; 108 - 116.

English abstract:
Crowdsourcing has emerged as an important
paradigm of human problem solving techniques on the Web.
More often than noticed, organizations outsource tasks to humans
which cannot be processed by software. In this work we
demonstrate the application of service-oriented architectures
(SOA) for enterprise crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing applications
typically utilize the capabilities of people in open and
dynamic Web-based systems. We extend this concept and introduce
knowledge crowds where crowd members collaborate
in context of joint tasks. Interactions in such environments
are performed using software services. Such highly dynamic
socio-technical environments, however, demand for flexible
interaction models due to varying interaction styles of people
and services. Our main contribution centers around the
convergence of process artifacts and emerging social structures.
Here, we present the implementation of a real world
example, a human assisted image processing service that
is provided by a knowledge crowd. We discuss the foundational
building blocks for realizing the design, execution,
and adaptation of service-oriented crowdsourcing applications.

[Computer Systems Organization: Computer-Communication Networks: Distributed Systems] Distributed applications; H.3.4 [Information Systems: Information Storage and Retrieval: Systems and Software] Information networks; H.3.5 [Information Systems: Informat

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