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S. Auer, L. März, H. Tutsch, W. Sihn:
"Classification of interdependent planning restrictions and their various impacts on long-, mid- and short term planning of high variety production";
Vortrag: 44th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Madison, Wisconsin; 31.05.2011 - 03.06.2011; in: "New Worlds of Manufacturing", N. Duffie (Hrg.); (2011), 6 S.

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Long- and mid-term sales and operations planning and mid- to short-term production planning for vehicle production are done mainly with cascading planning processes. The problem of cascading planning is that the different planning processes are often badly aligned and lack of backward feedback; e.g. long-term plans do not reflect important restrictions of subsequent levels caused by available resources or supplier capacities. To avoid extensive costly troubleshooting and in order to ensure a feasible production program this paper will classify planning restrictions and their originators. Further it will define connections between single planning tasks and the conversion of restrictions from one planning horizon to another.

Planning, Sequencing, Restriction

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