Vorträge und Posterpräsentationen (mit Tagungsband-Eintrag):

N. Paces, A. Voigt, S. Jakubek, A. Schirrer, M. Kozek:
"Combined Control of Combustion Load and Combustion Position in a Moving Grate Biomass Furnace";
Vortrag: 19th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Corfu; 20.06.2011 - 23.06.2011; in: "Proceedings of the 19th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation", (2011), Paper-Nr. ThCT3.7, 6 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This work presents a combined combustion load
and combustion position control for a moving grate biomass
furnace. The control design is based on a linearized reduced
order model of the process and comprises model predictive
control (MPC) with an additional proportional-integral (PI)
feedback loop. An analysis for closed-loop stability as well as
simulation results are presented. The results demonstrate the
effectiveness of the proposed concept.

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