A. Jüngel, R. Pinnau, E. Röhrig:
"Analysis of a bipolar energy-transport model for a metal-oxide-semiconductor diode";
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 378 (2011), S. 764 - 774.

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A simplified bipolar energy-transport model for a metal-oxide-semiconductor diode (MOS)
with nonconstant lattice temperature is considered. The electron and hole current densities
vanish in the diode but the particle temperature may be large. The existence of weak
solutions to the system of quasilinear elliptic equations with nonlinear boundary conditions
is proved using a Stampacchia trunction technique and maximum principle arguments.
Further, an asymptotic analysis for the one-dimensional MOS diode is presented, which
shows that only the boundary temperature influences the capacitance-voltage characteristics
of the device. The analytical results are underlined by numerical experiments.

Existence of solutions; numerical simulation; device characteristics

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