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M. Candra:
"The Human-Provided Application Store";
Poster: 5th Summer School on Service Oriented Computing 2011, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece; 2011-06-27 - 2011-07-03.

English abstract:
We have seen the emergence of crowdsourcing platform in the last few years. These platforms allow requesters to define and publish tasks so that workers may select the tasks and work on them. Moreover, we have also witnessed the emergence of online application store services, especially for mobile platform. In this research, we introduce the notion of human-provided application (HPA) and the HPA framework which allows publishing and deployment of crowdsourced application in a similar manner as software application. Developer can build an application using this framework. A user can then download it from HPA Store. When the application is executed, it may define new tasks, and publishes the tasks to the crowdsourcing market. The worker can then discover the tasks from the platform and work on it. We argue that this approach could unleash the potential of millions of common Internet users to participate in the crowdsourcing market place as indirect requesters, hence generating more traffic and transactions in the market place.

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