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P. K. Gentner, M. Wiesflecker, G. Hofer, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Bandwidth reconfigurable UWB RFID tag with on-chip antenna";
Poster: Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference (LAPC 2011), Loughborough, United Kingdom; 11-14-2011 - 11-15-2011; in: "2011 Loughborogh Antennas & Propagation Conference", (2011), 3 pages.

English abstract:
Inexpensive and power efficient transmitters are essential in tiny RFID tags. Increasing the data rate while reducing the power consumption is possible by using UWB Impulse Radio as the communication scheme. An accepted compromise is moving the complexity to a reader station in a RFID scenario, where computational power is available. In this paper simulations and measurements of our active reconfigurable bandwidth UWB RFID tag with on-chip antenna is shown. Furthermore, the center frequency of the radiated pulse can be adjusted. A tiny grain measuring 1x1.3mm^2 is manufactured in a standard CMOS process and is suitable for very low power applications.

UWB, Impulse Radio, RFID tag, OCA

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Project Head Christoph Mecklenbräuker:
Smart Data Grain

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