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G. Rakoczi, A Hruska, K. Potocka:
"Eye Tracking Moodle: How to improve its usability and what do students really see?";
Vortrag: MoodleMoot UK 2011, London; 19.04.2011 - 20.04.2011.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The presentation is organised in practical point of view as giving answers to the following questions:

- How do users navigate within Moodle?
- Where do they start their searching processes during certain tasks?
- How do learners behave immediately after accessing single pages of the learning environment?
- Which type of elements do they fixate first?
- What components are among the highest fixated?
- What elements are ignored?
- Which usability issues could be found by eye tracking?
- How can I create eye-catching teaching material?
- Where can be blocks and features optimally positioned?

moodle, eye tracking, usability, moodle, user interface design

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