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G. Tauböck, M. Hampejs, P. Svac, G. Matz, F. Hlawatsch, K. Gröchenig:
"Low-complexity ICI/ISI equalization in doubly dispersive multicarrier systems using a decision-feedback LSQR algorithm";
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 59 (2011), 5; 2432 - 2436.

English abstract:
We propose a low-complexity intercarrier interference/intersymbol
interference (ICI/ISI) equalizer for multicarrier transmissions
over doubly dispersive channels. Decision-feedback (or interference cancelation)is used with respect to both time and frequency. The ICI stage employs an extension of the iterative LSQR algorithm using groupwise interference cancelation with reliability-based sorting of sets of subcarriers and a band approximation of the frequency-domain channel matrix. The LSQR algorithm is attractive because of its excellent numerical properties and low complexity. Optimal pulse design is optionally considered for shaping the ICI/ISI. Simulation results demonstrate the excellent performance
of the proposed ICI/ISI equalizer.

doubly dispersive channel, interference cancelation, intersymbol/intercarrier interference, LSQR algorithm, OFDM, pulse-shaping multicarrier transmission

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