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D. Eiwen, G. Tauböck, F. Hlawatsch, H.G. Feichtinger:
"Compressive tracking of doubly selective channels in multicarrier systems based on sequential delay-Doppler sparsity";
in: "Proc. IEEE ICASSP-11", IEEE Conference Proceedings, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011, 2928 - 2931.

English abstract:
We propose a compressive method for tracking doubly selective channels within multicarrier systems, including OFDM systems. Using
the recently introduced concept of modified compressed sensing (MOD-CS), the sequential delay-Doppler sparsity of the channel is exploited to improve estimation performance through a recursive estimation mode. The proposed compressive channel tracking algorithm
uses a MOD-CS version of OMP with reduced complexity. Simulation results demonstrate substantial performance gains over conventional compressive channel estimation.

OFDM, multicarrier modulation, channel estimation, compressed sensing, sparsity

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