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P. Gruber, D. Bruckner, C. Hellmich, H. Schmiedmayer, H. Stachelberger, I. Gebeshuber (ed.):
"Examples, Ideeas and Case Studies: Biomimetics - Materials, Structures and Processes";
Springer-Verlag, 1st Edition, XV, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-642-11933-0; 266 pages.

English abstract:
The book presents an outline of current activities in the field of biomimetics and integrates a variety of applications comprising biophysics, surface sciences, architecture and medicine. Biomimetics as innovation method is characterised by interdisciplinary information transfer from the life sciences to technical application fields aiming at increased performance, functionality and energy efficiency. The contributions of the book relate to the research areas: - Materials and structures in nanotechnology and biomaterials - Biomimetic approaches to develop new forms, construction principles and design methods in architecture - Information and dynamics in automation, neuroinformatics and biomechanics Readers will be informed about the latest research approaches and results in biomimetics with examples ranging from bionic nano-membranes to function-targeted design of tribological surfaces and the translation of natural auditory coding strategies.

Architecture and engineering sciences - Bio-inspired cellular structures - Biomimetics applications - Bionics in construction - Information dynamics in systems - Information technology - Material sciences of biomaterials - Nanotechnology in organisms - Tr

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