Publications in Scientific Journals:

W.S.M. Werner, W. Smekal, F. Salvat-Pujol, Z. Halavani, S. Pfleger, J. Rastl, C. Eisenmenger-Sittner:
"Angular dependence of electron induced surface plasmon excitation";
Applied Physics Letters, 98 (2011), 1931111 - 1931113.

English abstract:
The angular dependence of the probability for electron induced surface plasmon excitation has been
measured on semi-infinite planar polycrystalline Al and Au surfaces for energies between 500 and
4000 eV. The results agree accurately with the simple model in which the surface excitation
probability is proportional to the surface penetration time. However, the penetration time differs
from the rectilinear motion model due to deflections during elastic collisions within the surface
scattering zone. A simple formula to account for the effect of elastic scattering in the surface
scattering zone is given.

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