Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Bereczky, G. Kowarik, C. Lemaignan, A. Macé, F. Ladinig, R. Raab, F. Aumayr, K. Tökési:
"Guiding Of Slow Highly Charged Ions Through A Single Mesoscopic Glass Capillary";
American Institute of Physics conference proceedings, 1336 (2011), 119 - 122.

English abstract:
We present experimental studies of the transmission of slow 4.5 keV Ar9+ ions through a single cylindrical-shaped
glass capillary of macroscopic dimension with large aspect ratio. We find stable transmission of a micrometer-scale beam with
considerable intensity after a charge-up phase, in which a self-organized process leads to the formation of a guiding electric
field. We show the time evolution of the transmitted intensity through the sample for various capillary tilt angles.

glass capillary, macroscopic capillary, ion guiding, temperature dependence

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