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C. Mayr, U. Zdun, S. Dustdar:
"View-based model-driven architecture for enhancing maintainability of data access services";
Data & Knowledge Engineering, Volume 70 (2011), Issue 9; 794 - 819.

English abstract:
In modern service-oriented architectures, database access is done by a special type of services,
the so-called data access services (DAS). Though, particularly in data-intensive applications,
using and developing DAS are very common today, the link between the DAS and their
implementation, e.g. a layer of data access objects (DAOs) encapsulating the database queries,
still is not sufficiently elaborated, yet. As a result, as the number of DAS grows, finding the
desired DAS for reuse and/or associated documentation can become an impossible task. In this
paper we focus on bridging this gap between the DAS and their implementation by presenting a
view-based, model-driven data access architecture (VMDA) managing models of the DAS,
DAOs and database queries in a queryable manner. Our models support tailored views of
different stakeholders and are scalable with all types of DAS implementations. In this paper we
show that our view-based and model driven architecture approach can enhance software
development productivity and maintainability by improving DAS documentation. Moreover,
our VMDA opens a wide range of applications such as evaluating DAS usage for DAS
performance optimization. Furthermore, we provide tool support and illustrate the
applicability of our VMDA in a large-scale case study. Finally, we quantitatively prove that
our approach performs with acceptable response times.

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