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A. Holzer, C. Schallhart, M. Tautschnig, H. Veith:
"An Introduction to Test Specification in FQL";
Talk: Haifa Verification Conference, Haifa, Israel; 2010-10-05 - 2010-10-07; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", S. Barner, J.G. Harris, D. Kroening, O. Raz (ed.); Springer, 6504 (2010), ISSN: 0302-9743; 9 - 22.

English abstract:
In a recent series of papers, we introduced a new framework for white-box testing which aims at a separation of concerns between test
specifications and test generation engines. We believe that establishing a common language for test criteria will have similar benefits to testing as temporal logic had to model checking and SQL had to databases.
The main challenge was to find a specification language which is expressive, simple, and precise. This paper gives an introduction to the test specification language FQL and its tool environment.

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Project Head Helmut Veith:
FORTAS - Developing methods to analyze the timing behavior of real-time software by systematic and formally well-founded testing

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