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J. Gärtner, N. Musliu, W. Schafhauser, W. Slany:
"TEMPLE - A Domain Specific Language for Modeling and Solving Staff Scheduling Problems";
Talk: Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Scheduling (SCIS), Paris, France; 2011-04-11 - 2011-04-15; in: "Proceedings of 2011 Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Scheduling", (2011), ISBN: 978-1-61284-195-3; 58 - 64.

English abstract:
We present TEMPLE, a domain specific language for modeling and solving staff scheduling problems. TEMPLE provides a set of intuitive abstractions and notations allowing to formulate the constraints of a particular problem in a very compact and natural way. After modeling a staff scheduling problem in TEMPLE, three generic local search algorithms can immediately be applied to the corresponding optimization problem. We show how real-life staff scheduling problems can be both effectively modeled as well as efficiently solved using
our approach. Finally, we report on a practical application of
TEMPLE in a commercial staff scheduling software.

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