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T. Eiter, T. Krennwallner, C. Redl:
"Nested HEX-Programs";
Talk: International Conference on Applications of Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management, Vienna, Austria; 2011-09-28 - 2011-09-30; in: "19th International Conference on Applications of Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management (INAP 2011)", H. Tompits (ed.); Computing Research Repository (CoRR), arXiv, arXiv:1108.5626v1 (2011), 6 pages.

English abstract:
Answer-Set Programming (ASP) is an established declarative programming paradigm. However, classical ASP lacks subprogram calls as in procedural programming, and access to external computations (like remote procedure calls) in general. The feature is desired for increasing modularity and---assuming proper access in place---(meta-)reasoning over subprogram results. While HEX-programs extend classical ASP with external source access, they do not support calls of (sub-)programs upfront. We present nested HEX-programs, which extend HEX-programs to serve the desired feature, in a user-friendly manner. Notably, the answer sets of called sub-programs can be individually accessed. This is particularly useful for applications that need to reason over answer sets like belief set merging, user-defined aggregate functions, or preferences of answer sets.

Knowledge Representation, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Modular Logic Programming, Answer Set Programming

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