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K Varga, M. F. Noisternig, U. J. Griesser, L. Aljaz, T. Koch:
"Thermal and sorption studies of flame-resistant fibers";
Lenzinger Berichte, 89 (2011), 50 - 59.

English abstract:
The characterization of FR fibers and
fabrics is of crucial importance giving
the main accent to the thermal behavior
of materials in practical use. Since FR
fabrics are often made from a very
limited number of materials, it is
important to use fibers which provide
good physiological comfort. Lenzing
FRŪ fibers are characterized by thermal
and sorption methods in comparison
with other flame-resistant materials.
DSC and TGA are important means to
study thermal properties of textiles.
DSC spectra provide changes of heat
release during decomposition while
TGA show weight loss of the tested
materials, but no specific pyrolysis of
the products. Dynamic sorption analysis
in broad humidity range show high
sorption of cellulosic Lenzing FRŪ and
lower for synthetic materials.
Visualization of the residues of
combusted materials by SEM confirms
the theory of different decomposition
mechanisms during heat exposure.

protective wear, cellulosic fibers, flame resistant

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