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J. Honolka, T.Y. Lee, K. Kuhnke, D. Repetto, V. Sessi, P. Wahl, A. Buchsbaum, P. Varga, S. Gardonio, C. Carbone, S. Krishnakumar, P. Gambardella, M. Komelj, R. Singer, M. Fähnle, K. Fauth, K. Kern, G. Schütz, A. Enders:
"Complex magnetic phase in submonolayer Fe stripes on Pt(997)";
Physical Review B, 79 (2009), 1044301 - 1044307.

English abstract:
Correlations between magnetism and morphology of iron nanostructures of monatomic height on Pt��997�� substrates are studied using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism as well as scanning tunneling microscopy and helium scattering. A drastic collapse of the average magnetization by more than a factor of 4 is observed when increasing the iron coverage from 0.1 to 0.2 ML. This effect goes along with a softening of the magnetic anisotropy energy and a gradual reorientation of the magnetic easy axis from in plane to out of plane. The experimental findings together with electronic density-functional calculations suggest the formation of a com- plex magnetic phase in corrugated rim regions of Fe islands, leading to both ferromagnetic and antiferromag- netic exchange couplings of Fe moments depending on their various local bonding configurations.

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