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G. Giubrone, J. Tain, E. Jericha, H. Leeb, C. Weiß, -. nTOF Collaboration:
"The Role of Fe and Ni for S-process Nucleosynthesis and Innovative Nuclear Technologies";
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 59 (2011), 2106 - 2109.

English abstract:
The accurate measurement of neutron capture cross sections of all Fe and Ni isotopes is important for disentangling the contribution of the s-process and the r-process to the stellar nucleosynthesis of elements in the mass range 60 < A < 120. At the same time, Fe and Ni are important components of structural materials and improved neutron cross section data is relevant in the design of new nuclear systems. With the aim of obtaining improved capture data on all stable iron and nickel isotopes, a program of measurements has been launched at the CERN Neutron Time of Flight Facility n_TOF.

Neutron capture cross sections, Neutron time of flight facility, C6D6 detectors, Pulse height weighting technique, Nuclear astrophysics, Advanced nuclear systems

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