S. Andriamonje, M. Calviani, Y. Kadi, R. Losito, V. Vlachoudis, E. Berthoumieux, F. Gunsing, Y. Giomataris, T. Papaevangelou, C. Guerrero, N. Colonna, C. Weiß:
"A New 2D-micromegas Detector for Neutron Beam Diagnostic at n_TOF";
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 59 (2011), S. 1601 - 1604.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A novel detector for 2D neutron beam diagnostic has been jointly developed by CERN and CEA in the framework of the n_TOF Collaboration for investigation of the neutron beam spatial characteristics, namely position and profile as a function of the neutron energy. The detector is based on the already established MicroMegas "Bulk" technology and has been evolved from the one used for the CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope) experiment but equipped with an appropriate neutron/charged particle converter for neutron detection. The experimental results obtained in the 2009 commissioning run of the n_TOF facility and a comparison with simulations performed by means of FLUKA code are given, together with future perspectives and possible applications for this original type of neutron detector.

ND2010, Neutron detector, 2D detector, MicroMegas, n_TOF

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