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J. Feist, S. Nagele, C. Ticknor, B. I. Schneider, L. A. Collins, J. Burgdörfer:
"Attosecond Two-Photon Interferometry for Doubly Excited States of Helium";
Physical Review Letters, 107 (2011), 093005; 093005-1 - 093005-5.

English abstract:
We show that the correlation dynamics in coherently excited doubly excited resonances of helium can be followed in real time by two-photon interferometry. This approach promises to map the evolution of the two-electron wave packet onto experimentally easily accessible noncoincident single-electron spectra. We analyze the interferometric signal in terms of a semianalytical model which is validated by a numerical solution of the time-dependent two-electron Schrödinger equation in its full dimensionality.

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