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H. Tran, U. Zdun, S. Dustdar:
"Name-based view integration for enhancing the reusability in process-driven SOAs";
International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management, Volume 5 (2011), No. 3; 229 - 239.

English abstract:
Many companies opt for reusing existing software development artefacts due to the
benefits of the reuse such as increasing productivity, shortening time-to-market, and spending
less time for testing, debugging, to name but a few. Unfortunately, reusing artefacts in existing
process-driven SOA technologies is cumbersome and hard to achieve due to several inhibitors.
First, the languages used for business process development are not intentionally designed for
reuse. Second, numerous tangled process concerns embraced in a process description
significantly hinder the understanding and reusing of its concepts and elements. Third, there is a
lack of appropriate methods and techniques for integrating reusable artefacts. In our previous
work, we proposed a view-based, model-driven approach for addressing the two former
challenges. We present in this paper a named-based view integration approach aiming at solving
the third one. Preliminary qualitative and quantitative evaluations of four use cases extracted
from industrial processes show that this approach can enhance the flexibility and automation of
reusing process development artefacts.

reuse; business process; SOAs; view-based; model-driven; name-based; tool support

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