E. Jericha, G. Badurek, R. Grössinger:
"Characterisation of novel magnetic materials using the USANSPOL technique";
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 406 (2011), S. 2401 - 2404.

Kurzfassung englisch:
USANSPOL is a novel ultra-small-angle scattering technique with polarised neutrons for investigation of magnetic materials. It represents a polarised neutron extension to traditional USANS which works with unpolarised neutrons. The high angular resolution of this technique relies on the narrow reflection width of perfect crystal reflections and is employed in a double-crystal diffractometer. Corresponding to the μrad resolution of the set-up, micro-structures of the order of a few tenths of a micrometre up to a few tens of micrometres may be investigated. Neutron polarisation is achieved by insertion of birefringent magnetic prisms between the monochromator crystal and the sample. Rocking the analyser crystal produces a scattering pattern for both neutron spin states in a single measurement but well separated in reciprocal space. By this technique, we have recently studied various amorphous Galfenol soft-magnetic ribbons which were produced by spinning from melt at different manufacturing conditions. USANSPOL allows for a determination of domain sizes of the non-magnetised samples and a study of the growing of magnetically homogeneous regions with increasing externally applied magnetic field. The manufacturing process of the ribbons is reflected in the magnetic micro-structure of the different specimens.

Polarised neutrons, Small-angle neutron scattering, Amorphous magnets

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