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D. Schall:
"A human-centric runtime framework for mixed service-oriented systems";
Distributed and Parallel Databases, Volume 29 (2011), Numbers 5-6; 333 - 360.

English abstract:
A wide range of Web-based tools and socially-enhanced collaboration services have changed models of work. In today´s collaboration systems, interactions typically span a number of people and services to work on joint tasks or to solve emerging problems. Finding the right collaboration partner in Web-based interactions remains challenging due to scale and the temporary nature of collaborations.
We argue that humans need different ways to indicate their availability and desire to join collaborations. In this work, we discuss collaboration scenarios where people define services based on their dynamically changing skills and expertise by using
Human-Provided Services. This approach is motivated by the need to support novel service-oriented applications in emerging crowdsourcing environments. In such open and dynamic environments, user participation is often driven by intrinsic incentives
and actors properties such as reputation. We present a framework enabling users to define personal services to cope with complex interactions.We focus on the discovery and provisioning of human expertise in service-oriented environments.

Human provided services · Mixed service-oriented systems · Crowdsourcing · Social computing

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