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C. Czerkauer-Yamu, A. Voigt:
"Strategic Planning and Design with Space Syntax";
in: "Respecting Fragile Places", T. Zupancic et al. (Hrg.); herausgegeben von: eCAADe 2011 and University of Ljubljana; eCAADe, Ljubljana, 2011, ISBN: 978-9-4912070-1-3, S. 125 - 133.

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In strategic planning and design, planners can benefit a great deal from planning models and simulations (2D,3D and 4D). Carrying out strategic planning and design with the support of (spatial)models can open up a bright spectrum of opportunities and insights that were not evident before. Planning models and simulations support an awareness-raising process. In this context, space syntax also fits in. In this paper we discuss constraints and opportunities of space syntax and show how space syntax can add value to strategic planning and design (based on the Ljubljana masterplan) for a sustainable and sustaining built environment.

Urban analysis, strategic planning and design, space syntax, spatial simulation and modelling

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