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A. Mahdavi, S. Dervishi, M. Schuss, K. Orehounig:
"Energy efficiency potential of intelligent lighting controls in buildings";
Talk: Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems / 2011 / Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia; 2011-09-25 - 2011-09-29; in: "Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems / 2011 / Croatia", Z. Bogdan et al. (ed.); Universität mit wissenschaftlichem Lektorat, 1/2011 (2011), Paper ID 288, 8 pages.

English abstract:
This paper describes a computationally-based energy performance analysis of a predictive simulation-supported approach to lighting systems control in buildings. Using real-time sensing and embedded numeric lighting simulation in the control logic, this system can dynamically control the position of window blinds and the status (on/off, dimming level) of the luminaires. To explore the energy efficiency potential of this lighting control approach, it was compared to four conventional control scenarios via a virtual implementation in an office building. The results point to the considerable energy saving potential of the simulation assisted control strategy, which also provides a better basis for the integration of multiple performance indicators (including those pertaining to visual comfort, thermal comfort, and energy use) in the control process.

German abstract:
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