Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Funken, D. Praetorius, P. Wissgott:
"Efficient implementation of adaptive P1-FEM in MATLAB";
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 11 (2011), 4; 460 - 490.

English abstract:
We provide a Matlab package p1afem for an adaptive P1-finite element
method (AFEM). This includes functions for the assembly of the data,
different error estimators, and an indicator-based adaptive
mesh-refining algorithm. Throughout, the focus is on an efficient
realization by use of Matlab built-in functions and vectorization.
Numerical experiments underline the efficiency of the code which is
observed to be of almost linear complexity with respect to the
runtime. Although the scope of this paper is on AFEM, the general
ideas can be understood as a guideline for writing efficient Matlab

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