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M. Kerveno, C. Borcea, P. Dessagne, J.C. Drohé, E. Jericha, H. Karam, A.J. Koning, A. Negret, A. Pavlik, A. Plompen, C. Rouki, G. Rudolf, M. Stanoiu, J.C. Thiry:
"Measurement of (n,xnγ) reactions of interest for new nuclear reactors";
in: "Proceedings of the Scientific Workshop on Nuclear Measurements, Evaluations and Applications - NEMEA-6; NEA/NSC/DOC(2011)4", herausgegeben von: OECD/NEA; OECD/NEA, Paris, 2011, S. 93 - 102.

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Our presented research is focused on cross-section measurements of (n,xnγ) reactions in the framework of Generation IV nuclear reactors studies. Indeed the development of new fast reactors or the investigations concerning new fuel cycles require the improvement of nuclear databases over a wide range of energies, nuclei and reactions. One of the challenges of new measurements, in this field, is the accuracy level that they can reach and which is required by the Nuclear Data High Priority List produced by the NEA.

Our collaboration has developed an experimental set up based on the prompt gamma ray spectroscopy method, using the GELINA facility of IRMM at Geel (Belgium), which produces a pulsed, white neutron beam. The results concerning 232Th(n,xnγ) and 235U(n,xnγ) reactions cross-sections measurement, in the fast neutron energy domain (up to 20 MeV), are presented and compared with existing experimental data but also with theoretical TALYS calculations.

All these investigations are performed in the framework of ANDES program (7th framework program, EURATOM).

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