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M. Falge, V. Engel, S. Gräfe:
"Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of coupled electron-nuclear motion";
Journal of Chemical Physics, 134 (2011), 184307-1 - 184307-8.

English abstract:
We investigate pump-probe electron detachment spectroscopy in a model system which is ideally suited to study coupled electronic and nuclear wave-packet dynamics. Time-resolved photoelectron spectra are calculated within the adiabatic approximation and a discretization of the detachment continuum. These spectra are compared to those which derive from a non-Born-Oppenheimer description and a numerically exact treatment of the detachment process. In this way it is possible to identify the influence of non-adiabatic effects on the spectra in a systematic way and also to test commonly applied approximations.

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Project Head Stefanie Gräfe:
Beschreibung und Kontrolle von Elektronendynamik in starken Feldern

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