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G. Kirkelund, C. Manchon, L. Christensen, E. Riegler, B. Fleury:
"Variational message-passing for joint channel estimation and decoding in MIMO-OFDM";
Talk: IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), Miami, FL; 12-06-2010 - 12-10-2010; in: "Proc. IEEE Globecom", (2010), 5 pages.

English abstract:
In this contribution, a multi-user receiver for MQAM MIMO-OFDM operating in time-varying and frequencyselective channels is derived. The proposed architecture jointly performs semi-blind estimation of the channel weights and noise inverse variance, serial interference cancellation and decoding in an iterative manner. The scheme relies on a variational messagepassing approach, which enables a joint design of all these functionalities or blocks but the last one. Decoding is performed using the sum-product algorithm. This is in contrast to nowadays proposed approaches in which all these blocks are designed and optimized individually. Simulation results show that the proposed receiver outperforms in coded bit-error-rate a state-of-the-art iterative receiver of same complexity, in which all blocks are designed independently. Joint block design and, as a result, the
fact that the uncertainty in the channel estimation is accounted for in the proposed receiver explain this better performance.

MIMO OFDM message passing

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