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W. Yang, G. Durisi, V. Morgenshtern, E. Riegler:
"Capacity Pre-Log of SIMO Correlated Block-Fading Channels";
Talk: International Symposium on Wireless Communications (ISWCS), Aachen, Germany; 11-06-2011 - 11-09-2011; in: "Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Wireless Comm. Sys.", (2011), 5 pages.

English abstract:
We establish an upper bound on the noncoherent capacity pre-log of temporally correlated block-fading single-input multiple-output (SIMO) channels. The upper bound matches the lower bound recently reported in Riegler et al. (2011), and, hence, yields a complete characterization of the SIMO noncoherent capacity pre-log, provided that the channel covariance matrix satisfies a mild technical condition. This result allows one to determine the optimal number of receive antennas to be used to maximize the capacity pre-log for a given block-length and a given rank of the channel covariance matrix.

SIMO prelog, capacity, noncoherent

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Nicht kohärente Übertragungsverfahren für Zeit-Frequenz selektive Mobilfunkkanäle

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