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E. Panzhauser:
"World Population And The Ecological Situation";
Keynote Lecture: BUILDINGS AND ENVIRONMENT 2011 - Visions - Common Practice - Legislation, Bratislava; 2011-10-20; in: "BUILDINGS AND ENVIRONMENT 2011 - Visions - Common Practice - Legislation", R. Rabenseifer et al. (ed.); STU - Nakladateľstvo STU, Bratislava, (2011), 133 - 137.

English abstract:
The world population on our globe will rise to 7 billion people in the
present year 2011, but more than 2 billion inhabitants are considered to be poor,
most of them are hungry and have no sufficient shelter, are not provided with
electric energy and can not offer education with future for their children.
The population in developed countries (in comparison) have food even for waste,
shelter often inefficient but with comfort, but traffic systems based on fossil
resources instead on renewables. There is little hope to protect the world wide
climate for the next generations.
Or can we change the unsatisfactory ecological situation in time?
Many scientists are convinced, that there are ways out of the dilemma, but this
ways should be entered at the same time in loyalty to ones fellow occupants,
fellow citizens or joint heiress by:
- bringing back the human population to a level of preservation
- rising the capability to live on the basis of applicable renewables
(matter and energy)
- reducing the sufficiencies of human needs, specifically in
industrialized countries and continents
- increasing the efficiency of life ensuring system like
food production, building and industry, traffic systems and
public health service etc.

German abstract:
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