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U. Pont, B. Sommer, A. Mahdavi:
"Sources of uncertainty in compilation of energy certificates";
Talk: BUILDINGS AND ENVIRONMENT 2011 - Visions - Common Practice - Legislation, Bratislava; 2011-10-20; in: "BUILDINGS AND ENVIRONMENT 2011 - Visions - Common Practice - Legislation", R. Rabenseifer et al. (ed.); STU - Nakladateľstvo STU, Bratislava, (2011), Paper ID 36, 9 pages.

English abstract:
Due to the developments in energy demand calculations (as
documented in the European Performance of Buildings Directives 2002 and 2010) the corresponding national calculation methods are also changing. The rising complexity of calculation methods requires a high level of competence in data acquisition regarding building technologies and building services. Currently, the heating demand is the main benchmark in Austrian Energy certificates, but in future the whole energy demand (including, electrical power, systems energy use, construction and demolition, etc.) will be included. This paper explores how input assumptions concerning building elements and
building service technologies can influence indicator values in energy
certificates. A short overview of related literature is provided, followed by the presentation of a reference project, which was used for this study. Subsequently the bandwidth and a statistical overview of the results are shown. In conclusion the implications for the reproducibility of building performance indicators in energy certificates is discussed, as well as potential methods of quality assurance for energy certificates.

German abstract:
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energy certificate, calculation methods, benchmarking, indicators

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