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P. Federico:
"Visual analytics of dynamic social networks";
Talk: IEEE VisWeek 2011 Doctoral Colloquium, Providence, RI; 2011-11-23.

English abstract:
Several techniques have been proposed to analyze and visualize static network data, but the visualization of dynamic network data is an emerging research field, with several open questions. The dynamic and multi-relational nature of this data poses the challenge of understanding both its topological structure and how it changes over time. In this doctoral proposal, I delineate my plans to investigate how a visual analytics approach, integrating visual, interactive, and automatic methods, can support the examination of dynamic networks. I present the design and implementation of a research prototype, whose effectiveness and usability will be evaluated by experts´ assessments and user studies in a real-world test bed.

dynamic layout, dynamic networks, graph drawing, interaction, social network analysis, information visualization, visual analytics

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