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V. Dagiene, G. Futschek:
"Workshop: Developing Algorithmic Thinking Through a Contest";
Talk: IFIP TC3: ICT and Informatics in a Globalized World of Education, Mombasa; 2011-08-16 - 2011-08-19; in: "ICT and Informatics in a Globalized World of Education, Book of Abstracts", IFIP, Mombasa (2011), 34.

English abstract:
The International Bebras Contest is a very ambitious contest. It does not test pre-knowledge or specific skills learned at school. In contrary there are only problem solving activities, no pre-knowledge is necessary. The students may learn aspects of informatics concepts in the way of solving Bebras tasks. The better the problem-solving skills the better are the results. The more tasks the students have worked on the more they have learned. A very important part of the Bebras tasks are from type Algorithmic Thinking. This type of tasks involves some aspects of finding out or to follow some rules (algorithms). They also involve some simple programming activities, but no pre-knowledge of a specific programming language or computer system is necessary. The tasks have the character of a game and not the characteristic of an examination. This workshop will enable participants to explore, understand and evaluate the concepts of informatics.

Informatics, Informatics Concepts, Tasks Solving, Contests

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