Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Maszl, J. Laimer, H. Störi:
"Observations of Self-Organized Luminous Patterns on the Anode of a Direct-Current Glow Discharge at Higher Pressures";
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 39 (2011), 11; 2118 - 2119.

English abstract:
Similarity laws predict the existence of direct-current
glow discharges at higher pressures. These scaling laws were developed
to study discharges in the low-pressure regime. It is therefore
worthwhile to revisit the theories developed for low-pressure discharges
and verify their applicability in the atmospheric pressure
domain. Similar discharges were investigated in a pressure range
of 200-1600 hPa using helium as operating gas. Under certain
conditions, a high degree of self-organization could be observed
on the anode. In this contribution, we present the trigger criteria
for these phenomena.
Index Terms-Atmospheric-pressure plasmas, plasma diagnostics,
plasma stability, plasma sources anode spots, selforganization.

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