Contributions to Proceedings:

M. Maurer, I. Brandic, R. Sakellariou:
"Enacting SLAs in Clouds Using Rules";
in: "Proceedings of the COST Action IC0804 on Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems 2nd Year", J. Pierson, H. Hlavacs (ed.); Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), Université Paul Sabatier, 2011, (invited), ISBN: 978-2-917490-18-1, 132 - 136.

English abstract:
The emergence of Cloud Computing raises the question of dynamically allocating resources of physical (PM)and virtual machines (VM) in an on-demand and autonomic way.Yet, using Cloud Computing infrastructures efficiently requires fulfilling three partially contradicting goals: first, achieving low violation rates of Service Level Agreements (SLA) that define non-functional goals between the Cloud provider and the customer; second, achieving high resource utilization; and third achieving the first two issues by as few time- and energy consuming reallocation actions as possible. To achieve these goals we propose a novel approach with escalation levels to divide all possible actions into five levels. These levels range from changing the configuration of VMs over migrating them to other PMs
to outsourcing applications to other Cloud providers. In this
paper we focus on changing the resource configuration of VMs
in terms of storage, memory, CPU power and bandwidth, and
propose a knowledge management approach using rules with
threat thresholds to tackle this problem. Simulation reveals major
improvements as compared to recent related work considering
SLA violations, resource utilization and action efficiency, as well
as time performance.

Related Projects:
Project Head Ivona Brandic:
Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures

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