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M. Bertin, D. Grumiller, D.V. Vassilevich, T. Zojer:
"Generalised massive gravity one-loop partition function and AdS/(L)CFT";
J. High Energy Phys., 1106 (2011), 111.

English abstract:
The graviton 1-loop partition function is calculated for Euclidean generalised massive gravity (GMG) using AdS heat kernel techniques. We find that the results fit perfectly into the AdS/(L)CFT picture. Conformal Chern-Simons gravity, a singular limit of GMG, leads to an additional contribution in the 1-loop determinant from the conformal ghost. We show that this contribution has a nice interpretation on the conformal field theory side in terms of a semi-classical null vector at level two descending from a primary with conformal weights (3/2,-1/2).

Quantum gravity in three dimensions, AdS/CFT, logarithmic conformal field theories, gauge/gravity duality

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