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H. Afshar, B. Cvetkovic, S. Ertl, D. Grumiller, N. Johansson:
"Holograms of Conformal Chern-Simons Gravity";
Physical Review D, 84 (2011), 041502.

English abstract:
We show that conformal Chern-Simons gravity in three dimensions has various holographic descriptions. They depend on the boundary conditions on the conformal equivalence class and the Weyl factor, even when the former is restricted to asymptotic Anti-deSitter behavior. For constant or fixed Weyl factor our results agree with a suitable scaling limit of topologically massive gravity results. For varying Weyl factor we find an enhancement of the asymptotic symmetry group, the details of which depend on certain choices. We focus on a particular example where an affine u(1) algebra related to holomorphic Weyl rescalings shifts one of the central charges by 1. The Weyl factor then behaves as a free chiral boson in the dual conformal field theory.

Conformal Chern-Simons gravity, AdS/CFT, gauge/gravity duality

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